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Bouldering Induction

Learn the skills you need to be self-sufficient in our Bouldering Walls in this 45 min session.
Our Bouldering Induction covers only use of the Bouldering Walls and does not cover any use of the Roped Walls or Training Room.  Within the session the instructor will cover; warming up and injury prevention, guidelines and rules for safe use of the bouldering walls and a basic introduction to bouldering movement. The aim is to get you to a standard where you can understand and minimise the risks inherent in using the bouldering walls, reduce the risk of injury and enjoy using a bouldering wall without the need for supervision. Your journey into the world of climbing begins here!

The Induction is a single session lasting 45 minutes and can be booked at any time (minimum 2 persons).  On Sundays at 3pm every week there is a scheduled Bouldering Induction session available, no minimum booking numbers.  Minimum age for Bouldering Inductions is 14 years.

For those wishing to undertake a more in depth introduction to bouldering, including movement coaching and use of the bouldering circuits, you may wish to consider the Bouldering Module within a Beginners Course - 2.5 hours of instruction and bouldering.  This option is more suitable for parents wishing to supervise their own children at the wall as it includes a more indepth look at this fascinating activity and the games climber play in the bouldering rooms!.

Adult boulderers wishing to supervise juniors or novices on the bouldering walls are required to undertake an assessment to ensure that the safety information covered in the Bouldering Induction or Module has been understood; this takes around 20 minutes to complete and there is no additional charge.


£17.50 per person

This includes: Registration, 45 minutes instruction, boots and chalk bag hire, entry to the Centre for a further hour following the instructed part of the session to practise skills learnt.