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Beginners Course

Learn the skills you need to be self-sufficient in an indoor climbing environment over this five week course - your journey into the world of climbing begins here!

Our beginners course covers all aspects of indoor climbing: warming up, bouldering, belaying, climbing with in-situ ropes (top roping) and lead climbing. The aim is to get you to a standard where you can understand and minimise the risks inherent in using a climbing wall, avoid injury and enjoy using a wall without the need for supervision.

The full course consists of five sessions each lasting 2 hours 30 minutes, but our newly structured beginners course is MODULAR - this means that you can undertake the course in sections if you wish, progressing from one module to the next with time inbetween to practice your newly acquired skills.

Minimum age 14 years. Courses run year-round so give us a call for latest availability.

If you have started bouldering or top rope climbing elsewhere and wish to take your climbing further, or if you perhaps wish to acquire sufficient skills to supervise your own children at our Centre, please email or call us to discuss which modules you should undertake and what the prior experience requirements are.

Bouldering Module

Session One

The session to get you started! We look at personal safety and injury avoidance in a practical and informative way. Next up is the fun bit - we explore climbing techniques to get you up, around and down the climbing walls! We will be on our Bouldering walls in the Den and the Marmot Loft so you will be able to climb lots and get plenty of input from the instructor to make rapid gains in your climbing ability.

Top Roping Module

Sessions Two and Three

An introduction to roped climbing and a consolidation session to ensure that safety skills are 'hardwired'. We will look at the selection and use of suitable climbing equipment, climbing and belaying skills using in-situ ropes, route selection and more climbing techniques.

Leading Module

Sessions Four and Five

An introduction to lead climbing and a consolidation session to ensure that safety skills are 'hardwired'. This module covers the skills you will need to be able to climb and belay in a lead climbing situation, at an indoor wall.  We will look at the many aspects of lead climbing that you will need to become familiar with in order to make appropriate judgements to reduce the risk involved. Key to this module is adapting from top rope belaying to lead belaying to safeguard the lead climber.


£120 for all five sessions booked and paid for together.

Bouldering Module £30 per person.  No prior experience required.

Top Roping Module £60 per person (2 sessions).  No prior experience required.

Leading Module £60 per person (2 sessions).  Competent top rope climbers only.

Prices include all climbing equipment required, entry fees to the Centre and instruction.

Modules run on a rolling basis, every 5 weeks a new set of modules will begin.  We run modules every Monday and Wednesday from 7.00 - 9.30pm.