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Family Climbing

Bring your family to the Lakeland Climbing Centre for a unique and fun experience. Whether you are in the Lake District on holiday or you are a local family looking for something different to do, come along and start - or continue - your climbing journey at the Lakeland Climbing Centre.

We have a wide range of family climbing options ranging from private sessions to taster sessions, kids clubs to birthday parties. There's something for everyone whether you are a family of experienced or inexperienced climbers.  For more information on climbing just for the kids, see our section on Young Climbers

Parents and Families with Climbing Experience

We have a variety of climbing walls available for all ages and abilities.  We have a large beginners bouldering area, which is perfect for younger children and people who may not have climbed recently or too much before and a superb top roping area.  The Chamber area is for beginners and children alike with a plentiful supply of in-situ top ropes and our large new bouldering area at the top of the building has excellent problems for teenagers and adults. There is also our main hall area with roofs, grooves, stalactite, corners, slabs...and a 25m lead wall - the tallest in the country!

To use the Centre as an experienced family everyone needs to register with us. Any under 18's need to be supervised by a competent adult at all times and our maximum supervision ratio is 1:2 (this ratio includes any inexperienced adults in the family).

If parents or supervisors are not climbing and just belaying then a small fee of just £2.00 is payable. If the supervisor is climbing too then the full entry fee is payable.

Parents and Families without Climbing Experience

We have excellent facilities for every age of novice or improving climber, several purpose-built areas just for teaching, and areas just to go climbing in. We also have a wide choice of outdoor climbing venues on our doorstep, from Hutton Roof in the limestone country of the South Lakes to the rugged mountains and crags of the Langdales.

For those families who have done little or no climbing before we have several options for you. The first thing to decide is whether you prefer indoor or outdoor climbing. For indoor climbing the best option is to book private session, which can be for an hour or longer with a maximum of nine people per instructor. You can book these at any time to suit you as long as we have an instructor available. Another option is to take part in our taster sessions which run during the school holidays.

For outdoor climbing the best option is to a book an family taster day, which can be arranged on any day with instructor availability. The minimum age is 8 and you can book up to 2 adults and 4 children on the course, children need to be accompanied by a parent on the familiy taster day.

Consent and Registration Forms for Families

Please visit our Downloads page for all of the forms you need to start climbing indoors at the Lakeland Climbing Centre, it couldn't be easier.  For outdoor courses, give us a call to discuss your requirements.