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Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys are 8 year olds and under who are being closely supervised by experienced adult climbers who have signed up to our 'Close Supervision' agreement.

The Benefits - Discounted entry fees, no membership fee. Entry just £5 per Little Monkey, adult supervisor £2.00.

The Catch - There is no catch, you just have to agree to closely supervise the children you have with you (maximum 2 children per supervising experienced adult climber).  We recommend strongly that you do not attempt to supervise more than one Little Monkey if you cannot control their tendency to run underneath other climbers as this can result in injury to both Little Monkey and falling climber.  We also recommend that you avoid very busy periods such as evenings after 7pm and rainy sunday afternoons, and do not stay for longer than your Little Monkey wants to.  Above all, you sign up to agree to take it easy on your "little climber" when they've had enough - whether that's after 5 minutes or 15 climbs.  No bullying them up routes when they are crying and please feed and water them when they are tired! (believe me we have seen this all too much).

The Rationale - Little people love to climb but also love to run around, play hide and seek and make very loud noises!  Climbing is all about playing but also has serious consequences and we have a duty of care to ALL our users.

This age group is particularly vulnerable in a busy climbing wall and we appreciate that supervising your little one requires concentration and eyes in the back of your head. In addition, little climbers need care and patience in their introduction to our vertical world as they switch rapidly from confident unstoppable monkey to baby possum in need of a cuddle.

Small children can cause problems for other climbers in the Centre, other customers may be reluctant to boulder on sections of wall where a poorly supervised young climber may suddenly appear on the mat beneath them - you try "sending" that exclusive V6 when you might squash junior in the effort! We want to encourage good supervision and reduce the need for you to over stretch your session to feel that you are getting 'value for money' on your visit.

DISCLAIMER: Little Monkeys is only open to children who are registered as junior climbers (parental consent required) and who are being supervised by a registered adult who is also an experienced climber.  Little Monkeys may climb in the Main Hall but must not be allowed to run around as they may distract belayers and may cause a serious accident.  If adults are bouldering in the Den please ensure that your Little Monkey is not playing or running on the matting.  Little Monkeys are not allowed to climb in the Marmot Loft or Green Room.

Over 8's can now get a discounted annual membership fee- see out Prices page for more details on junior entry fees

Little Monkeys must be under close supervision at all times in the Centre