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Routes and Bouldering Circuits


Here at the Kendal wall we have a vast range of angles, height and wall surface to play with, which when combined with our route setting team and a large variety of holds, result in over 250 routes to keep you entertained at the Centre!

We have an effective hold washing method and a high turn around of routes to ensure there is always something new for you to try.

We believe that 'Size Does Matter'  Not only when it comes to the range of wall heights available (we have leading walls from a massive 25m down to a tiny 4m), but also when it comes to the climbers height.  Nothing is more frustrating for the shorter climber than to find a move which is simply impossible on a route normally well within their grade, equally the taller climber will struggle to find a pleasant sequence on a route set for someone small.  We aim to provide a wide variety of routes, and our routes database will include information on 'routes to suit'.

We use the French sport grading and have a broad spread of grades from F3 all the way to the magic grade of F8a+.  Our team of route setters consists of Centre staff and regular visits by Chris Plant and Ian Vickers as well as guest setters including Robbie Phillips, Jamie Cassidy and James Garden.

We have up to 3 lines with auto belayers and we ensure an even higher turn around of routes on these lines to keep regular customers keen and psyched.

Our two main routing areas consist of the impressive Main Hall and The Chamber. The Main Hall has over 50 lines including slabs, vertical walls, a stalactite, steeper walls, and the big 25 metre lead wall which sports a large roof section and a cave for multipitching. The Main Hall includes the three auto belayers and has a few top ropes but the vast majority of lines require leading skills. The main 25 metre wall is fully equipped but you will require 6 extenders for some of the shorter walls; we believe placing your own extenders adds to the leading experience.  Our most recent addition, the 20m high King Kong wall, is a fabulous multifaceted high friction ply wall sporting slabs and vertical, overlaps and gently overhanging, grooves and aretes; in short, F4 to F6c heaven!   The Chamber is our quieter leading and top roping area with the main focus of grades from F3 to F6a.  This room also has platforms for abseiling and ropework training.

Bouldering Circuits

We set our bouldering walls with easily identifiable Fontainbleau-style circuits in grade bands to suit beginners through to elite boulderers.    The Circuits are stripped and reset on a rolling timetable; most weeks there will be new problems to try but your projects will stay up for around 3 months to give you chance to crush 'em!

1) The Marmot Loft - an extensive open plan bouldering area on the top floor with fantastic views of the fells and plenty of fresh air and daylight for the ultimate indoor bouldering experience. Includes 10m routing roof, Moon board, 30 degree steep board, the prow and a variety of other walls from 3.5 to 4.5m high.  Circuits range from V0 to V9.  Minimum age is 12 years to ensure you don't have to worry about kids running under you whilst trying to send that elusive V6!  Some problems on the Prow finish by topping out, leaving you with an easy walk-off descent.  The Loft features a variety of different levels of friction on the wall surfaces to ensure each bloc feels different.  The routing roof is set, as the name suggests, with 'route length' problems, graded as routes not problems from F6c upwards and with a matted floor which slopes upwards to ensure you don't fall far (though you might roll back to the start!)

2) The Green Room - a 4.5m high bouldering room with circuits from VB to V7.  Featuring a large cave, gently leaning and vert walls with arete and a small but perfectly formed barrel. Low friction wall surface to encourage precise footwork and ensure you can't 'cheat' by running your feet up the wall!

3) The Den - a group use and family/beginner friendly bouldering room which also houses a 20m long traversing wall and 3 top rope lines.  Problems range from the kids low reach circuit for 6 year olds upwards to full sized V3's.  This wall is only 3.8 m high, so most problems are set with shorter reaches and cunning techniques to ensure you develop good footwork. The lower traverse wall allows for stamina training and warm ups, whilst the 7m top rope wall allows a gentle intro to roped climbing before moving on to the Chamber or Main Hall. 

4) The Training Room - a space dedicated to helping you become a fitter stronger climber with woodies, campus board, finger boards and gym equipment to build cardio and core strength. 

COMING SOON - our huge database of current routes and circuits will soon be available to view on this website to allow you to plan your climbing session from the comfort of your own home!