Learn to Climb Courses

Everything you need to know about climbing!

Learn to Climb: Part 1 £95

If you are wanting to learn how to safely belay, tie in and use the roped climbing areas, this course is for you!

This three week course, takes you through everything you need to use the roped walls, bouldering area and auto-belays, as well as supervise others. Suitable for age 14 years to adult. (14-17 year olds can also use this as a route to the more senior Geckos clubs.)

3 weeks  x 2 hour instructed sessions

  • Week 1: Bouldering Induction and climbing techniques; Auto-belay Induction- Introduction to harnesses and staying safe in the climbing environment.
  • Week 2: Roped Climbing – Introduction into tying in, belaying, belay devices and lots of practice.
  • Week 3: Roped Climbing – Skillful belaying practice, holding simple falls and more climbing techniques.

Also included in the price:

  • £20 discount if you book Part 2 within two months!
  • 15% discount on shop items for 2 months!
  • 1st entry free after completing your Part 1!


Learn To Climb: Part 2 £80 (or £60 if you use your Part 1 voucher)

The natural progression…from part 1, or if you’ve been top roping for a while and would like to learn to lead and take your climbing to the next level and maybe even onto the big walls… 

  • Week 1: Advanced belaying skills, clipping skills, introduction to lead belaying
  • Week 2: Lead belaying skills, practicing leading and holding simple falls


Learn To Climb: Improvers Course

The course is designed for Adults or mature teenage climbers that have a little experience but want some more guidance on the beginning of their climbing journey. It is ideal for those that have completed a Bouldering Induction Plus and are looking for the next steps. This Improvers Course will help you avoid many of the common things that limit progress and will give you the knowledge and techniques to help you keep improving.

  • Week 1: Introducing participants to the fundamentals of climbing and the importance of precise footwork.
  • Week 2: Complex movement techniques and body position.
  • Week 3: Tactics and next steps in your climbing journey.

Participants must be over the age of 16 and be a independent boulderer at our centre. Under 18s must have passed an unsupervised junior boulderer assessment.


Roped Skills Drop In: £22

These stand alone sessions are ideal for those who already have some roped climbing skills and are looking to refresher or to hone their belaying and tieing in skills.

Also suitable for those aged 14+ and wishing to access the more senior Geckos climbing clubs.

Auto-belay Induction: £20

This stand alone session is ideal for those who already have some bouldering climbing skills and are looking to start using the auto-belays in the Main Hall. Price includes entry to the wall, harness and shoe hire, so you can stay and climb after. If you’re new to climbing you will need to book a Bouldering Induction Plus.


Looking for more of a fun climbing session?

Check out our family fun Crazy Climb and Taster sessions.