COVID Measures Update 30 Nov 2021

Please do not visit us if:

  • You are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms; or
  • You have been in contact with someone within the last 14 days who has subsequently contracted the virus.


To our fantastic climbing communities: We’ve come a long way together in the last few months since we took over the climbing wall at West View. We opened our doors during a time when COVID-19 measures were easing throughout the country, much helped by the vaccine roll-out and of course, the weather. Now we are entering the winter months, COVID cases are on the increase and with the Government reintroducing compulsory mask wearing in shops, other retail and public transport we have decided to pre-empt the next stage and reintroduce them to our Centres. We feel we have always had our customers best interests at heart and have led the way with COVID safety and looking after our team in the Lakeland Climbing Centres. Don’t forget if our staff stay COVID free, we can keep the Centre open so you can come climbing.


Controlling our capacities allows you to maintain social distancing while climbing and reduces the risk of transmission.

Site Aug – Nov 2021 Capacity Capacity from 30th Nov 2021
KendalWall 110 110


Maximising ventilation has been shown to play a key part in reducing transmission and we continue to maximise it at our Centre. We appreciate this means it can be a tad chilly and we encourage our customers to come prepared with warm clothing. Please help us maintain our ventilation this Winter and don’t be tempted to shut the windows.

Mask Policy:

Masks are once again compulsory in shops, retail outlets and public transport. We have also brought this to our centres.

Who Mask policy from 30th November 2021
Staff Team Masks 100% of the time unless behind the reception screens.

Setters – masks off in setting areas.

Independent climbers and visitors. Reception, Shop, Corridors, Stairs, toilets  etc: Masks required at all times.

Climbing areas: Masks required when NOT climbing or belaying. Masks required at all other times.

Café: Masks required unless seated.

Instructed climbers aged 12 and up. Masks on with exemptions allowed whilst climbing.
Aged 11 & under Masks optional – encouraged but not enforced. Not enforced at reception as under 11’s are ‘exempt’, but under 11’s should be moved through reception area as quickly as possible.


Booking is recommended as we head into our busier winter period, especially during the holidays when the weather is poor. Book your climb here.

Instructed sessions:

All of our instruction is back up and running! Yay! We have kept the group sizes smaller and our sessions are carefully managed with COVID in mind. We also offer the option of private/ exclusive sessions for those who prefer to be in a their own bubble. Perfect for family and friend groups during the holidays! Masks must be worn by all participants aged 12+, optional but encouraged for those 11 and under. Book instruction here.

A few miscellaneous updates:

  • Our full-time team members will be doing regular lateral flow testing .This is to help identify potential transmission within the team early.
  • We will maintain our regular cleaning
  • Alcohol hand gel will be readily available around the centre
  • We retain our Perspex screens at reception
  • Social distancing will no longer be enforced by the team but signage will be in place
  • You will need to check out at the end of each session so we have accurate tracking records for Public Health England if needed

Our recommendations while climbing at our centres to reduce transmission of the virus:

  • Please adhere to our mask policy, staff will enforce this, if you refuse to comply you may be asked to leave
  • Maintain 1m+ plus distance from other climbers as much as possible
  • Keep conversations with our staff team brief as they serve hundreds of climbers each shift
  • When socialising with other climbers, keep your distance and wear a mask
  • Sanitise your hands on arrival and regularly throughout your session
  • Get vaccinated as soon as you are able, if you are able

Our Covid-19 Risk Assessments are here

Final thoughts 

Trying to give you unhindered but safe access to our centres is a tricky balancing act. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation with our evolving policies.

We keep them all under regular review.

Thanks for reading and, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through [email protected]

The KendalWall Team