COVID19 – message to customers 18 March 2020

Current Coronavirus situation at Kendal Wall

After careful consideration and having reviewed the most recent Government briefing, we have decided to keep Kendal Wall open for the time being, although our London Walls are closing temporarily. This decision was not made lightly or without considerable thought. We are listening carefully to public health authorities and official updates from the government, but as things are changing daily please visit our website regularly for updates about our opening status.

As a climbing facility we feel that we all have a role to play as both staff and climbers to ensure we can stay fit, healthy and active. If you are feeling well, then it’s best to keep active. Kendal Wall will remain open for the time being for our local Regular Users (who have paid their annual fee) and for our Members.  We would discourage vulnerable persons and non-registered visitors from coming to Kendal Wall at this time.

What we are doing at Kendal Wall, and what we ask you to do if you visit us:
We have stepped up the cleaning and hygiene standards at our Centre and would ask customers to do the same. Please use the hand sanitiser on entry and when leaving the building, wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after climbing, catch all coughs and sneezes in a tissue and bin it, and please respect other climbers personal spacing by maintaining a 2m distance from them. Please act responsibly and stay away if you are feeling unwell or live with someone who has any of the listed symptoms. By being considerate of those around us, we will all help to keep each other protected. You may wish to switch to liquid chalk at this time – we are providing free alcohol based liquid chalk which may help minimise dust and reduce virus loading on hands, but thorough hand washing is still a must. We are also asking customers to switch to cashless payment where possible to further reduce transmission possibilities.

We are postponing or refunding all instructed sessions after Saturday 21st March and have postponed all forthcoming events at Kendal Wall (South Lakes school’s competition, Marmot Masters final, Belay Master Classes etc). Do get in touch if you have a future booking but do not receive an email from us within the next day.

As of this time the Government have made it your choice to stay away and we support anyone making that decision. We simply offer those who wish to climb a choice and a place to do so. Some of our London Walls may partially reopen with booking slots available to reduce the numbers of climbers on any section of wall but we do not feel this is necessary at this time of the year in Kendal with our amount of space.  We would ask that only our current registered users and regulars visit us and would strongly discourage others from travelling.

It is an unprecedented time for all of us but we are determined and committed to supporting our staff through this period. Even a little bit of trade will help us navigate the troubled waters ahead and allow us to keep LCC delivering a great service for the years to come. We really appreciate all and any support from our customers during these challenging times. Equally, we are aware that many of our more mature customers may be asked to self isolate in the future weeks and would ask that if any of our regulars need support that they should not hesitate to contact us – we will do what we can whether it is supplies or just moral support that is needed.

If you don’t feel you should visit us during this time, but would like to support us in some way, you can purchase gift cards and punches for use over the next year.  Not cancelling your monthly membership would also help and we will be looking at ways of adding free months back to members who take this option.

Our sympathies are with all those who are suffering as a result of this terrible outbreak. Most of us will get exposed to the virus and there is not an outcome where we all self-isolate for a few weeks and get back to life as normal. The Government will not always get it right but for the moment we are ready to trust their approach – and if their approach changes, we will change our approach too.  We will review our decision daily.

Together we can and will get through this.

The Kendal Wall Team