Online Registration Available Now!

We now have online registration available for our new and existing customers (for those that have not already signed up).

Registration is required for everyone wishing to use the Centre.

We recommend that all customer complete the online registration prior to arrival, this will speed up the entry process.  Don’t worry if you don’t do this as we also have iPads available at Reception so you can register at the Centre – do allow the extra time for this on site.

Before filling out the form please ensure you have read The Conditions of Use and Rules.

If you are planning on climbing UNSUPERVISED, then you must also watch the online Bouldering Induction Video.


Your online registration will be held on the system for 60 days before expiring.  please ensure you visit the Centre within this time to complete your registration.

If you really don’t want to use the electronic media we have traditional pen and paper available, you can even download it prior to arrival!

Adult Registration form – form for adults who wish to register at the Centre to use all the facilities with or without instruction by Centre staff.

Download (32kb)

Young Persons Registration form – form to be completed by the parent or legal guardian of an under 18 year old wishing to use all the facilities at the Centre with or without instruction by Centre staff.  They must be supervised by an adult registered as competent if climbing without an Instructor – see Adult Registration Form.
Download (28kb)

Juniors aged 14 – 17 can use the Centre unsupervised if they have a suitable level of experience and competence.  An assessment must be completed at the Centre.  A parent or legal guardian must accompany the junior for the assessment or before their first unsupervised visit to receive a briefing. Assessments can be booked for Bouldering Only status (14 yrs +) or full Roped Climbing status (15 yrs +).  Please contact Kendal Wall for further information on 01539 721766 or email [email protected]

Adults who wish to complete registration for a child in their care in loco parentis may not complete the online or iPad registration and are advised to get a parent to complete the online pre-registration before their visit.