Summer Bouldering League Round One – customer experience!!

So the first round of our Summer Bouldering League is over and the new, fresh, and exciting problems for round two are ready and waiting for you. If you are thinking about having a go, or wondering what the experience is like, get ready for an excellent read, promise.


“I’ve been a regular user at Kendal for a few years now but I’ve never been tempted to enter the bouldering leagues before. They were for pasty, wiry rock god’s only it seemed.  With even the early problems requiring you to have one limb behind your ear whilst flailing with your other to latch some far away crimp or mono….and that was just the footholds!!!

Nope not for me I’ll just climb the moo cows again and go home!!!

However things have changed. The talented new route setting team have started to set problems that entice you to try them.

After eyeing them up for a week or so in my peripheral vision (from the comfort of the blue or yellow circuit) I finally started having a closer look and began to think  ‘you know what? I think I can do those, are they new holds? They look mega’

Thus I spent my pound and got a card!! I wasn’t wrong either. I could do them and the holds were new and mega.

In the first round The easier problems flowed beautifully and allowed you to practice adopting some of the positions necessary for the later, harder problems (a common theme across the board at Kendal these days where even the easiest routes are packed with interest and technique)

It started to get more challenging from about problem 11 for me, but rather than give up at this stage the problems just make you want to keep trying and pushing, as you can see they will yield eventually with some more dexterity and practice.

Problem 12 was a corker and a personal favourite. Set in such a way that strength can only get you so far, a great reminder that with flexibility and technique you can achieve great things. It was the closest thing to a climb outdoor at Font that I’ve experienced inside.

Number 16 too was a triumph for me….a cracking dynamic move out of the back of the barrel for a slopey layaway requiring a karate style pivot and kick out for the other side wall. I’d usually run for the hills from a problem like this, but again I could see it was possible and tried it over and over, till I eventually topped it with some much needed encouragement from Ben and some other comp cohorts, a memorable day indeed.

I stalled out at 17, but I wasn’t gloomy.

I reckon given more time I could have got further.

But I didn’t care really, what I had done had been amazing and really enjoyable. I’d met new people and had a laugh in the process.

To be honest I’m not in it to win it, but I now enjoy the challenge and It’s just a joy to climb on such intelligent well thought out problems, set buy cool people that seemingly know that problems don’t have to be devoid of footholds, or involve long reachy dynos, for tendon popping monos to be hard.


The second round is already looking even better, if that’s possible! My pound is spent, and as I’ve now discovered the setters actually put a bit of beta on Instagram too, I reckon I’ll get a few more done. ”

Report by Keith Dewhurst


Results here SBL Round 1 results for website

Feeling it for round 2??