We’re open to experienced climbers from the 25th!

Hello Kendal Wall Climbers!

We are delighted to be re-opening on the 25th July and to welcome back our lovely customers. We’ve been very busy in the last couple of weeks, working hard to comply with the Government guidelines and make Kendal Wall COVID-Secure.

From 25th July, we will only be admitting climbers who are already registered with us and in addition are experienced, competent climbers. Novices or under 18’s must be supervised by a competent adult climber as usual.

Please note if you already have an Unsupervised Junior Boulderer or Junior Roped Climber status, you will be able to climb as usual. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not able to complete any more Junior sign offs.

If you are registered with us as an experienced roped climber, but feel you would need a refresher from staff before climbing or supervising anyone, please be aware that we will not be able to accommodate this in the first few weeks. You may want to consider booking a private instructed session to help you brush up your skills, available later in August.

Please note there are no instructed sessions until August. Limited CrazyClimb and other small group instruction will be available to book from August. For the latest updates, please follow us on social media.

Please note the Main Hall is out of use until early August due to re-build work. We will have it fully or partially open as soon as it is safe to do so.

Re-opening – What changes to expect 

Firstly, if you are feeling at all unwell, in the nicest possible way, stay away! In keeping with all businesses, do not come onto our site if you are unwell.

Our Centre is large, airy, and well ventilated and we have carried out a deep clean during the closure of the wall. The new guidelines allow 1 person to every 9 square metres which means that our capacity will be reduced. Every person in the Centre counts towards that maximum capacity, including any spectators, so please don’t bring others to watch as we may have to ask them to leave to allow other climbers in.  Having had unlimited time entry fees as standard since opening in 1995, we are now forced to bring in limited time sessions for this season – your entry fee buys you 2 hours.  We will not ask you to leave unless we are hitting our maximum capacity, and we will ask those who have been in longest to leave first.  So please bear in mind that your entry may be limited to 2 hours at peak times and that we may need to ask you to vacate the building if we are busy and you have already been on site for 2 hours or more. You may wish to focus your climbing time.

The building now has a limited maximum capacity to allow for social spacing and each climbing area will display a guide as to the maximum number of people permitted in that space. To allow more people to climb, all climbing areas will now be for climbers only, no spectators please. If the area is at capacity, please be prepared to climb in another part of the Centre and try again later.

On Arrival

Please arrive at our Centre ‘Climb Ready’. Bring with you only what you will need to climb. If you need to get changed, please change in your car. This will reduce the number of people gathering in the changing areas, toilets and locker room etc, and reduce the possibility of lost property. Please note that showers will not be available except by special request plus a fee to cover cleaning.

We will be asking all our customers to use hand sanitiser before entering Reception, read the signage and to respect the current social distancing measures while queueing to approach the desk. The Reception desk and shop counter have been fitted with screens.  We are asking that customers wear face coverings in the Reception & Shop areas, and to limit the amount of time that they spend at the counter. You can buy memberships and punches by telephone or online before visiting to minimise the time at the counter. Please pay by contactless card or phone only. We will have no change in the till.

All our registered climbers will need a Registration card. If you already have one, please bring it with you. If you are registered with us and an experienced climber, but don’t have a card, we will be issuing one to you to make check in and out easier. Climbers will be asked to check-in at the front desk and then check-out at the new check-out point in reception. This is because we need to keep a record of the number of people in the building.

Whilst Climbing

There will be a hand sanitiser at the entrance to each climbing area. Please use before and after climbs to help you stay healthy and us stay open! If you have allegy issues to hand sanitisers, please bring your own. You are free to wear masks while you climb should you choose to do so, but this is not advised.  Please respect social distancing and maintain your distance from anyone not in your ‘bubble’.  If you need to visit the toilets, please be aware we ask you NOT to wear rock shoes in the toilets/changing rooms.  On busy days, if you have finished climbing please vacate the climbing area so others can enter the room.

Changes to the Creamery Café

We have limited the seating in the café to allow social spacing and have provided some new outdoor tables.  Tea and coffee will be available in take-out cups (recyclable or compostable) and we will also have a range of cold drinks and snacks, but no sandwiches.

Bookable time slots

As there will now be a limit on the numbers we can accommodate, some people might like to book a time slot during busier times to guarantee entry to the wall. These bookable slots will cost £1 to reserve and give you 2 hours of climbing. As mentioned before, we will only ask climbers to leave after their 2 hours has elapsed if we are running at or near capacity. BOOK HERE

Anyone bringing groups to instruct will need to book spaces or preferably call the Centre directly to discuss arrangements and ensure all registration details are held by us before your visit.


Available from August… We are working towards offering small, well managed groups of private instruction sessions bookable for families and friends and a couple of open sessions. These will be for low numbers of participants and limited to just a few sessions during the day. Look out for details and booking options on our social media. If you don’t already follow us on facebook, now is a good time to do so, to keep up to date.