Important Current Information

Hello KendalWall climbers!

We are delighted to welcome back our lovely customers. We’ve been very busy in the last couple of weeks, working hard to comply with the Government guidelines and make KendalWall COVID-Secure.

Please be aware that despite all our COVID-secure measures we cannot guarantee our site is COVID free. Please ensure you are up to date with the current government measures to help make your visit as COVID-secure as possible including; social distancing requirements, hygiene guidelines and any local lockdown or self-isolation measures relevant to you and your household.  If for any reason connected to COVID -related circumstances you need to cancel your booking, we will refund you, arrange a future booking or credit you towards a future booking. We are available by email at [email protected] or 01539 721766 to answer any questions.

Please be aware that your details may be shared with NHS Test and Trace service if requested.



The Petzl Main Hall is now open complete with the new Shard feature.  We recommend booking your reserved climbing slot if you intend travelling far to visit us.



For experienced climbers. As there will now be a limit on the numbers we can accommodate, some people might like to book a time slot during busier times to guarantee entry to the wall. These bookable slots will cost £1 to reserve and give you 2 hours of climbing. As mentioned below, we will only ask climbers to leave after their 2 hours has elapsed if we are running at or near capacity.



Commencing on 8th August. We have available a series of small, well managed, private and public instruction sessions.  The private sessions are bookable for families and friends to share one instructed session for up to 6 participants (with additional space for a maximum of 2 spectators if CrazyClimb is booked).  The public open sessions are for 4 (roped climbing) or 6 (CrazyClimb) participants and limited to just a few sessions during the day and will not have space for spectators – all persons hoping to attend the session will have to book a place. Look out for details and booking options on our social media. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, now is a good time to do so, to keep up to date.



Re-opening – What changes to expect 

If you’ve not been to the website since the shutdown, it would be well worth a read below;

  1. Please don’t come to the Centre if you’re not well!
  2. Sanitise your hands on entry and regularly when climbing.
  3. Please wear face coverings in the reception and shop areas.
  4. Please bring your check in card with you. You will need it to check in and out. If you haven’t been issued with one, we can sort that out for you on your first visit.
  5. Arrive ‘Climb Ready’ to minimize number of people in the changing rooms and reduce the amount of clothing and bags in the Centre.
  6. Please use contactless pay. We don’t have any change in the till to give out.
  7. Capacity for each room is displayed at the entrance to that room. During busy times you may need to climb in a different area and come back later if capacity is exceeded.
  8. Limited capacity means we may ask you to leave after 2 hours. We will always ask visitors and those who have been here the longest to leave first.
  9. Please don’t bring spectators. Everyone in the building counts on our capacity so please don’t bring spectators with you. We may have to ask them to leave if we hit capacity.
  10. Remember to CHECK OUT when you leave. This helps us stay within our capacity and allows us to admit others to climb.                             

Changes to the Creamery Café

We have limited the seating in the café to allow social spacing and have provided some new outdoor tables.  Tea and coffee will be available in take-out cups and we will also have a range of cold drinks and snacks, but no sandwiches.

Anyone bringing groups to instruct will need to book spaces and email or phone the Centre in advance to let us know your plans and ensure all registration details are held by us before your visit.  We ask that ONLY the group leader comes into the building to Reception on arrival and that they only bring the group in once check in has been completed as our Reception area has limited space.

More detailed information on our COVID secure measures and Risk Assessments here.