COVID Related Information in Detail

COVID Statement

We have carried out a thorough risk assessment of the possibility of COVID transmission on our site and have implemented the findings in order to reopen as safely as possible, for both staff and customers.  Please be aware that despite all our COVID-Secure measures we cannot guarantee our site is COVID free.  Please ensure you are up to date with the current government measures to help make your visit as COVID-Secure as possible including; social distancing requirements, hygiene guidelines and any local lockdown or self-isolation measures relevant to you and your household.  If for any reason connected to COVID related circumstances you need to cancel your booking, we will refund you, arrange a future booking or credit you towards a future booking.  We are available by email at [email protected] or 01539 721766 to answer any questions. 

A summary of our COVID-Secure measures for customers and visitors are provided below – please ensure you have read them before visiting us.

Copy of the Risk Assessments in full available here  Kendal Covid Risk Assessment – Version 1.1


Customers should not enter the Centre if they or anyone in their household are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they are required to self-isolate for any reason. We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask a customer to leave if we feel they are not well enough to be in the Centre. 

Face Coverings

We ask that all customers wear a face covering in all areas of the building, the only exceptions are a) when actually climbing or belaying and b) when seated and eating or drinking in the Cafe or Sportiva Room.  You may wear one to climb in if you wish but please note the Government advice: “All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician.”   You may be asked to remove your face covering briefly at the Reception desk if for example we need to add a photo to your Registration record.  

In line with Government Guidelines masks and face coverings do not need to be worn by those aged 11 and under or with other health reasons. Please do let us know if you cannot wear a mask or face covering, and try to minimise your time in the Reception area by phoning ahead if you have queries or wish to discuss membership options or instruction bookings. 

Come Ready To Climb

To reduce the number of people in the changing/ toilet areas, to reduce the possibility of lost property on site and to limit the amount of personal belongings around the Centre, we ask that you arrive ready to climb.  Please bring minimal items with you to the Centre, storage will be available in the usual lockers but we ask that you spray and wipe lockers after use.

Showers will be closed.

Reduced Capacities And Length Of Climbing Session

The new guidelines allow 1 person to every 9 square metres of our building, and require us to have carried out an assessment of capacity for each individual climbing area to allow for social spacing in a climbing environment and ventilation in that area.  To help us manage that capacity we have introduced a booking system and a check out system.  Every person in the Centre counts towards the maximum capacity, including any spectators, so please don’t bring others to watch as we may have to ask them to leave to allow climbers in.

Having had unlimited time entry fees as standard since opening in 1995, we are now forced to bring in limited time sessions for this Winter – your entry fee buys you 2 hours. We will only ask you to leave if we are hitting our maximum capacity, and we will ask those who have been in longest to leave first. So please bear in mind that your entry may be limited to 2 hours at peak times and that we may need to ask you to vacate the building if we are busy and you have already been on site for 2 hours or more. You may wish to focus your climbing time!

Checking Out

Due to the need for us to monitor the capacity of our Centre we have introduced a check-out policy.  After your climbing session please use the check-out point located on the corner of the shop. If you’ve forgotten your card, or don’t have one, please tell a member of staff at Reception when you leave.   Please remember to do this as not checking out can impact on the ability for someone else to climb in the Centre as well as impacting on the effectiveness of track and trace should it be needed. 


Please use contactless and/or card payment, or book ahead on line for instruction, we don’t have change in our tills.  This makes it safer for you and our staff.

Signage And Guidance

Throughout the Centre we have added guidance posters at key points to help you with your journey through the Centre.   Please be vigilant of these and follow them at all times.  The key rule to remember in all corridors and stairs is KEEP RIGHT.

Hand Sanitising

At key points in the Centre we have added Hand Sanitising stations. We ask that you use these on entry and exit from the building and as much as possible during your visit.

Hand Washing

Please wash your hands as often as possible through your visit, especially after climbing.  Wash your hands in the sinks in the toilet areas.  Do not use the water bottle filling station at Reception to wash your hands.

Social Distancing

Customers must adhere to Social Distancing at all times within the Centre, this includes whilst climbing.

Please follow all current government guidelines on social distancing – currently this means maintaining a 2m distance from anyone outside of your household/bubble, or 1m+ if you are wearing a mask/face covering or for very limited time period at all times whilst in the Centre.

Customers are asked to maintain a 2m distance from our staff at all times.


We have carried out a deep clean during the closure of the wall, we have a rigorous cleaning program in place for the Centre, and we aim to clean high contact areas regularly.  Please be aware that despite all our COVID-Secure measures we cannot guarantee our site is COVID free.  Following a known COVID case on site we will undertake a thorough clean and may close the Centre to customers for a quarantine period if required.

In all climbing areas, there is a surface cleaner available for you to clean lockers or equipment before and after use.  In the Cafe and Sportiva Room (overflow cafe seating) we ask that you spray and wipe your table after use.

Track And Trace

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID within the Centre we will share the relevant data (contact details only) of all persons on our site during the potential contact period with NHS Test and Trace.  


KendalWall is situated in a large, airy and well ventilated building.  Wherever possible doors and windows will be left open to allow fresh air to circulate and fans will be switched on where installed.  In the Training Room, there is a customer-controlled fan and extract system, please make sure this is switched on while the room is in use.  We have fitted a number of Dorgard fire safety door retainers – please do not close these doors, they will close automatically in the event of the fire alarm sounding.

Music Levels

In order to avoid the need for people to shout our music will be kept at a low level.

Hire Stock

Hire stock will continue to be available and will be quarantined, sprayed or wiped down as appropriate for the equipment. Please bare in mind that when hiring shoes, each pair you try on will need to be sprayed and quarantined.

Liquid Chalk

Due to the high alcohol content liquid chalk may have an impact against the virus and its use is encouraged by us.  Please note that Liquid Chalk should not be used as a substitute for hand washing and sanitising. We also allow chalk balls.  Please note loose chalk is not allowed in the Centre.  

Gym Equipment And Cleaning

Gym equipment has been spaced out to adhere to guidelines on social distancing. Please do not move this equipment and adhere to social distancing when using.

Before and after use please wipe down the equipment you use with the surface cleaner and paper towels provided.


We have put together some carefully considered, well managed, instructed sessions.  Current Government guidelines will be observed during these sessions including guidelines on social distancing.

Private Instruction and CrazyClimb sessions are now available for friends and families who want to the session to themselves so they can climb in their household bubble. Please note; if you are visiting from an area with Government restrictions which limit different households meeting together indoors, you will need to book a private session rather than join an open public session.


New Climbers

We are currently open to experienced climbers or those under the supervision of an experienced climber.

If you are new to climbing and 18+ you might like to try Bouldering.

If you are not an experienced climber or have children who want to climb, why not book an Instructed Session.

Parents, Guardians And Spectators

All persons entering the Centre must provide their details and we will limit how many persons may stay on site. 

Instruction booked with KendalWall – If you do not need to stay with your child for safeguarding or assistance reasons, you will be asked to attend the briefing (instructed sessions) and then to leave the site.  Check our booking details to see if this applies to you.  Please wait near the entrance or in your car to collect your child after their session.  All visitors to the site will need to complete a visitor sign-in.  Spectators may be allowed on very quiet days but we cannot guarantee entry.  If you wish to guarantee being on sessions with your children, please book a place for yourself with the group.  On quiet days there may be capacity in the Cafe or Sportiva Room for parents and visitors to wait.  All our instructors are DBS checked and undertake Child Safeguarding training. 

 Self-supervised entry – if you are dropping off your child at the Centre to climb with another family member,  please arrange your handover outside the Centre if possible unless you are also checking in to climb.  On quiet days there may be capacity in the Cafe or Sportiva Room for parents and visitors to wait.

External Coaches And Instructors And Free Climbers

For the initial reopening period all external coaches/instructors, discretionary free climbers and TeamGB athletes will need to pay entry. This will be under review and will be restored to normal at the earliest opportunity.

Supervising Under 18s and Novices

If you are intending to supervise U18’s or Novices, we remind you that you must only do so if you can follow all current guidelines on social spacing and that this will generally mean only supervising those who are within your household or social bubble.  Even if 2m spacing is possible, government rules on meeting others outside your household in public indoor spaces will still apply and must be followed.   Customers should be aware that safety  supervising younger children when climbing is not possible whilst maintaining a 2m distance – close contact is often required.  On entry to KendalWall, customers will see a notice stating that they should only come climbing in the Centre if they are able to do so whilst following the latest government guidance.  As guidelines change the size of a group climbing together may increase, we will continue to follow government guidance on this whilst customers maintain the appropriate social distancing. Supervision ratios must be followed as per our Rules and Conditions of Use. More information on supervising children at the Centre.


We ask that face coverings are worn at all times in the shop. We ask customers to sanitise their hands before entering and when leaving the shop.  Please try to only handle shop items you intend to purchase.

For shoe fittings staff will be wearing a visor.  Only one shoe fitting will take place at a time.  Staff and customers must sanitise their hands before and after the shoe fitting.  Please note that we are required to quarantine our shoes or items of clothing once you have tried them on, so this can limit the amount of stock available.