Climb to Space – ShelterBox Fundraising 19th Nov – 2nd Dec 2018

A short time ahead, at a climbing wall not too far away Mick Dunn a local Shelterbox volunteer will be trying to climb to space.* Will you join him? We are hosting ‘Climb to Space’ from Monday 19th of November to Sunday 2nd of December. Why not be one of the hundred plus people we need to achieve the ambitious goal of climbing 100 kilometres!

If you are a climber in Cumbria, Lancashire or Yorkshire, come and join this fundraising epic, that will help turn despair to hope for families who’ve lost everything.

Mick Dunn will be around at the centre in the week before the event starts to explain how to get involved and about the work ShelterBox does.

*As indicated by the Karman Line, 100km above sea level, generally thought to be the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and Outer Space.