Marmot Masters Final Round extended to Sunday Sept 20th!

Exciting Marmot Masters news! With the full series being delayed earlier in the year due to the ongoing COVID situation, we’ve decided to try again and host the last round as of 10th August! In order to aid the promotion of effective social distancing we’ve decided to host this round in an open format.
Similarly to the previous 3 rounds this will run for 5+ weeks, giving each participant ample time to come and have a crack at some great blocs! You’ll be able to grab your scorecard as of 5pm on Monday for £1, the only change this time is that we ask you to keep your scorecard with you, please only hand it in when you’re finished with your card.
Please be aware that large sections of the Marmot Loft will be closed until 2pm on Monday (10th) whilst setting of the final round takes place. Round 3 scores will be posted out shortly, if you have any questions feel free to ask a member of staff 🙂!
Don’t forget, you can win prizes!
Please remain aware that the capacity in the Loft and Green Room are limited so you might want to think about coming down to try the Marmot blocs at a less busy time.