Summer Bouldering Comp 2019

One week until the 2019 Summer Bouldering Comp  starts!

Monday 3rd of June is the start of round 1 and this year there are a few changes!


No pressure to try and flash routes or complicated scoring, the way it works this years is; when you complete a problem you get one point, regardless of how many attempts it’s taken. We really want this to be a relaxed and open series of comps and with this scoring system you can truly work those problems!

The scoring system for the league will be cumulative, meaning the highest total score at the end of the three rounds will win. There will be 6 categories; Junior Male/Female, Adult Male/Female, Senior Male/Female. Winner’s of each category will receive a month’s free membership at Kendal Wall to be used within 6 months.


So grab yourself a scorecard ( £1.00 from reception), good luck and see you in the Loft.

Round 1: 3rd June 2019 – 14th July 2019

Round 2: 15th July 2019 – 18th August 2019

Round 3: 19th August 2019 – 22nd September 2019