Bouldering Walls

1) The Marmot Loft – an extensive open plan bouldering area on the top floor with fantastic views of the fells and plenty of fresh air and daylight for the ultimate indoor bouldering experience.  Includes 10m routing roof, Moon board, 30 degree steep board, the prow and a variety of other walls from 3.5 to 4.5m high. We set our bouldering walls with easily identifiable Fontainbleau-style circuits in grade bands to suit beginners through to elite boulderers.

Check out our new Digital Training Board and the Routing Roof, both situated in the Loft.

2) The Green Room – a 4.5m high bouldering room with circuits for intermediates to expert boulderers.


3) The Den – a group use and family/beginner friendly bouldering room which also houses a 20m long traversing wall and 3 top rope lines, a great place to start and warm up.

4) The Training Room – a space dedicated to helping you become a fitter, stronger climber with woodies, campus board, finger boards and gym equipment to build cardio and core strength.

Kendal Wall has to be one of my all time favourite climbing centres. The sheer size of it allows for any climber no matter what level to enjoy themselves, there’s now epic amounts of bouldering thanks to the new build just completed and they have some crazy high walls up to 24.5m!” As well as new circuits, a special addition to the new bouldering wall is the new “Routing Roof”. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s basically a 10-15m long board with a rising mat below it meaning there’s no need for ropes! It’s super steep at around 70 degrees I reckon and not only are there some awesome routes set on it up to 7b, but also, the circuit board situated right next to it has some awesome circuits graded up to 7c (soon to be an 8a/b) that can be linked easily into the routing roof creating potentially the best endurance training board I’ve ever seen! I set a figure of eight circuit graded at around f6b+ (30 moves) and if you link that into the easiest line on the routing roof, I reckon you’ll get a nice 6c+/7a at 60+ moves!!!”  Robbie Phillips, International Route Setter, – posted on UKC

New to Bouldering?

If you are 18 or over you can simply watch our bouldering induction video, complete the pre-registration form and go! We even hire climbing shoes and chalk bags to maximise your climbing experience.

For bouldering skills and hints why not check out Monday’s BOULDERAMA.

If you are under 18 why not check out our instructed sessions.

What is Bouldering?

Find out why this is a fun, accessible sport for all.