Roped Climbing Walls

Kendal Wall boasts excellent facilities for all levels of climber from absolute beginners to very experienced. Here’s a run down of our main roped climbing areas, you can also visit our Gallery for a selection of images showing the walls in detail:

The Main Hall

The Main Hall has 50 lines spread over a range of angles with grades from f4-f8. The focal point of the Main Hall is its 25m high leading wall, the highest in England, which sports a large roof section, overhanging jamming crack and a cave for multi-pitching.  Other walls in the Main Hall range from 7m to 20m in height including gentle slabs to very steep and of course our legendary Stalactite and the all new Fang!

We aim to change our routes over a 4 month cycle to keep things fresh and ensure there’s always new challenges to try.

The Main Hall includes 8 auto belays including an 18 meter auto belay and a Digital Training auto belay. We also have several top ropes but most of the lines are equipped to lead. The main 25m wall and 20m wall are fully equipped but there’s opportunity to place your own quick draws on some of our shorter walls.


Other Roped Areas


The Chamber is our quieter leading and top roping area with the main focus of grades from F3 to F6b.   This area has 17 lines up to 7m high; it is has plenty of shorter reach routes (for our younger climbers!) as well as plenty of interesting and challenging routes.






The Den as well as being a great place for lower level bouldering and traversing, also features three 7m high vertical top rope lines with shorter reach routes especially suitable for beginners and children.