Welcome to Kendal CrazyClimb! We have multiple options for you: Book places in an open CrazyClimbPlus session and choose SkyJump as an add-on extra with your session, or book an exclusive session just for you and your friends, either the Birthday Party option or just having fun as a group. Our online booking system gives more information below and allows for booking up to one hour in advance for CrazyClimbPlus (open sessions) and up to 3 weeks in advance for Group and Exclusive Use or Birthday Parties.  If you wish to book with less notice than this (ie with less than one hour on the day for CrazyClimbPlus or less than 3 weeks for your party/event) then please contact us on 01539 721766 to check availability.

Please note all participants will need to be registered with us and this can be done online here. Only parents or legal guardians can register their children. If you are not the parent or legal guardian, please ask at reception for a loco-parentis form. If you don’t manage to register online, please allow plenty of time to register at the Centre before your session.

Please read our full Booking Terms and Conditions