What is CrazyClimb + SkyJump?

Indoor climbing with a difference! It’s fun, it’s weird, it’s wacky, it’s totally CRAZY!
The Lakeland Climbing Centre brings you exciting activities for anyone ages 5+ with CrazyExpress, CrazyClimb and SkyJump.

Parents can choose to help supervise their child or join in the fun and take part themselves! (Parents must stay on site for all children under 8 years.)

CrazyClimb and CrazyExpress allows you to tackle 12 different climbing walls. Each wall has its very own special theme for you to try and work out then climb up, some devious, some mind bending and some downright ridiculous.  Our experienced instructors will supervise and guide you throughout your session whilst the TruBlue auto belay systems will get you safely up the wall and lower you softly to the ground, all you have to do is climb!  This activity is perfect for people who are looking to just get on the wall and climb, with minimal fuss.  There are two different length sessions you can book – CrazyExpress takes 1 hour and gives you around 40 mins and CrazyClimb takes 1 hour 15 mins and gives you around an hour of climbing plus has SkyJump available as an add on to extend the session.

SkyJump is a part of the Kendal CrazyClimb based at the Lakeland Climbing Centre. Step off the edge and plunge down an 18 metre shaft in pure free-fall, then as the ground rushes to meet you and fear starts to overtake your senses, feel the safety and security of the Quick Jump technology engage and lower you smoothly to the floor, placing your energised body back safely on the ground ready for more!

CrazyClimb and SkyJump do not require you to have any previous climbing experience. All participants must register with the Centre. Register here.



CrazyExpress 5+ Fun. 55 mins Weekends and holidays – see online booking £12 per person
CrazyClimb 5+ Fun. 75 mins Weekends and holidays – see online booking £16 per person

5+ Fun/Thrills 15 mins Weekends and holidays – see online booking £3 add-on to CC (CC + Sky Jump session – £19)

Book places in an open CrazyExpress session or how about a CrazyClimb session with the option of choosing SkyJump as an add-on extra.



Birthday Parties or  Group and Exclusive Use of the CrazyClimb Facility

Book an exclusive session just for you and your friends, either the Birthday Party option or just having fun as a group.

Our online booking system gives more information and allows for booking up to 1 hour in advance for CrazyClimbPlus (open sessions) and up to 3 weeks in advance for Group and Exclusive Use or Birthday Parties.  If you wish to book with less notice than this (ie on the day for CrazyClimbPlus or less then 3 weeks for your party/event) then

01539 721766

01539 721766 to check availability.

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