Adult Climbing Sessions

Kendal Wall has an massive range of climbing walls and training facilities for climbers; from simple beginners bouldering walls to expert training boards and specialist aid climbing walls.  We offer two main regular courses for adults looking to get into or improve their climbing – Beginners Drop In Sessions and our Monday night ‘Learn to’ Skills Sessions – plus additional Taster sessions, bouldering inductions and private sessions.  See below


Beginners Drop In Sessions

Learn the skills you need to be self-sufficient in an indoor climbing environment by joining us for one of our “Drop-In Sessions” on Thursday evenings, Sunday and Saturday afternoons – your journey into the world of climbing begins here!

Our beginners drop-in session cover many aspects of indoor climbing: warming up, bouldering, belaying and climbing with in-situ ropes (top roping).   The aim is to get you to a standard where you can understand and minimise the risks inherent in using a climbing wall, avoid injury and enjoy using a wall without the need for supervision. For complete novices you will normally be expected to attend 3 sessions before you are ‘signed off’. You do not have to attend consecutive sessions, as our instructors will pick your skills up from where you left off and progress you to wherever you need to go.

Minimum age 14 years. Courses run year-round so give us a call for latest availability. Priority will be given to under 18’s on the Saturday session

If you have started bouldering or top rope climbing elsewhere and wish to take your climbing further, or if you perhaps wish to acquire sufficient skills to supervise your own children at our Centre, please email or call us to discuss which courses you should undertake and what the prior experience requirements.

‘Learn To’ Skills Sessions

A wide and diverse set of sessions. Previous experience will be required for most sessions – please read the relevant session section below for pre-requirements. ‘Learn to…’ sessions run most Monday evenings on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Learn to LEAD – If you have learnt the skills to become an competent top roper, then why not attend our Learn to Lead session.  Two sessions will teach you the additional skills to get the most out of indoor climbing by protecting yourself on the ‘sharp end’.  We will look at the inherent risks involved with lead climbing and ways of minimising them to an acceptable level to continue your climbing odyssey. The selection and use of appropriate equipment will be covered to help you familiarise yourself with the kit you will need. You are expected to be able to top rope climb  F4+ ‘s with confidence and must be competent in basic rope skills (knot tying and top rope belaying), have held a falling climber in a top rope situation and be able to lower a climber in control.

Learn to DRY TOOL – our long awaited dry tooling wall, built to provide a teaching and training facility for those aspiring to ‘winter’ adventures.  You must be a competent top roper who can climb F5+.  We will take you through a number of aspects of Dry Tooling including choice of equipment, how to use it effectively, efficient use of tools and feet and we will also touch on the ethics of what and where to climb once you have finished your session.  Hopefully this session will put you on the road to becoming a mixed master!

Learn to AID CLIMB – ever wanted to climb Half Dome but don’t know your copper heads from your jumars? No previous aid climbing experience required but a good understanding belaying and lead climbing very useful.

Learn to TRAD CLIMB – what does it take to make the progression from sport climbing to trad climbing?  We will teach you the ‘dark art’ of gear selection and placement using our 10m leader placed protection walls.

Learn to BOULDER BETTER – coaching sessions for those boulderers wanting more.  A selection of coaches will take you through numerous ways to progress throughout the year.

Bouldering Induction Plus

For those young persons and adults with no previous bouldering experience or with limited experience/competence.  Our Induction Plus is the next step following the Video Induction. If you have no climbing experience, it’s a great way to get into bouldering and learn how to use the Centre.  Our qualified instructors will guide you through a practical introduction to bouldering safety, technique and how to make the most of your climbing sessions.

The minimum age is 14 and if you are aged 14-17 you can complete an assessment following your induction to enable to use the Centre unsupervised. Your parent or legal guardian must visit the Centre for a bouldering safety briefing and give consent for you to boulder unsupervised.

 Taster Sessions

A 90 minute fun introduction to climbing indoors, for those with little or no climbing experience. Our Taster Sessions are ideal for individuals and family groups who want to climb in a supervised group. You’ll climb a number of routes with an instructor on hand to supervise and help you gain an understanding of basic climbing skills.

Taster Sessions are ‘drop’ in sessions that we schedule during school holiday periods, half term weeks, and bank holiday weekends. Check our online booking page for latest availability.  Families or groups booking together could also consider booking a private instructed session which allows you to choose your own time slot or to progress beyond the basic skills.  Those wishing to become independent climbers should consider the more structured Beginners Drop In Sessions or Bouldering Induction Plus (see details above).

The minimum age for Taster Sessions is 8 years old.