Junior Sign Offs


To be able to climb at our Centre without a supervising adult / instructor, Juniors who are 14-17 and experienced climbers, will need to undertake one of the following;

Junior Bouldering Sign Off  (14+ years)

If you are aged 14+ and have lots of climbing experience you may be eligible for a Junior Bouldering Sign Off.

This is free of charge but must be booked in advance. Call to book. You will need a parent (not a friend or relative) with you and the process involves a questionnaire for the young person to fill in and a couple of forms needing to be signed by both junior and parent. This process can take around  30-60 minutes but once successfully completed, the junior can boulder unsupervised in the Centre as long as they comply with our Terms & Conditions of use.

If you need to get a bit of experience before asking to get signed off why not join our Boulderama After School Club.


Junior Roped Climbing Sign Off (15+ years)

If you are aged 15-17 years with lots of top rope and lead climbing experience, you may be eligible for a Junior Roped Climbing Sign Off. This usually takes around an hour but can usually be accommodated during one of our Saturday Club sessions with prior notice. Please ask staff for details. NB The parent will need to be present for the sign off process and to sign the paperwork.

Alternatively this can be booked and paid for as a private session with an instructor and can take around 90 mins. (Minimum of 2 people) If you think you fall into this category but haven’t attended any of our Saturday clubs you may be asked to brush up your skills in one of our kids clubs first. Please call to discuss and book.


Training Room Sign off (16+ years)

Those who are 16+ with Junior Sign offs, either for Bouldering or Roped Climbing, can ask for a training room induction. These are free of charge please ask at Reception for details.


GB Development Team (11-17 years)

Exceptions are sometimes made for the GB Development Team, in terms of age limits, if their experience and knowledge is appropriate. These are assessed on an individual basis and are at the discretion of the Centre Manager.