Adults Bouldering

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we are unable to offer our usual range of instruction. We are currently putting together carefully re-modelled, COVID-secure sessions for families and friends, available to book from August. More information here.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. No complicated ropes or harnesses, all you need is climbing shoes. Your challenge is to climb short but interesting bouldering “problems” (sequences of moves) using technique, balance, strength, and your brain!


Watch the video below to get a visual idea of why you should give it a go!


The beauty of bouldering is that every “problem” has its own solution, and to successfully climb it you need to figure it out. Depending on your body shape and personal strengths, your solution could be different to the next person’s. If you’re tall, you might be able to reach the next hold more easily on spaced-out problems but find yourself hindered when the route takes you into corners or grooves on the wall.

You don’t need experience or lots of expensive kit to have a go – making it really easy to get into if you’ve never tried it before. The specialist climbing shoes are available to hire from reception or buy in our shop.


How do I get started?

Just visit our Pre-register Page, [link]watch our Bouldering Induction video  and come on down. If you don’t have time now you can also do this at reception at Kendal Wall. It’s that easy! You can be climbing within 20 mins of walking in through the door.



What if I’d like some instruction to get started?

If the adult wishing to supervise is not a climber themselves, they can book a ‘Bouldering Induction Plus’. This is with an instructor who will guide you through what you need to be aware of to minimise the risks when supervising your child at in the bouldering wall.

These cost £20 for 30 minutes of instruction. Please call the centre to book a suitable time.

Please note this can take up to an hour in total including paperwork and may not be possible during busy times, without booking in advance.

On successful completion you will be recorded on our system as a Bouldering Supervisor and be able to supervise up to 2 children in the bouldering areas. To supervise children in the roped areas without experience yourself, you will require more comprehensive instruction, such as completing a ‘Beginners Course’.


Can I climb with an Instructor?

Of course you can. Just give us a call or check out our range of instructed sessions.


I’m loving bouldering! How do I improve my skills?

Book a private coaching session for yourself or a group of mates. A great opportunity to learn some key skills that will improve your balance and movement and enable you to make real progress.


Bouldering sounds great fun but I would like to learn the ropes and climb the big walls!

Roped climbing requires some skills and understanding and takes several sessions to be signed off as competent.

For a one off or fun session, book a Taster or  phone us to book a bespoke Private  session for your group, family or friends.

Book a Beginners Drop In to get you started on your route to become an independent roped climber. Most people usually need 3 or 4 beginners sessions to learn all the skills necessary to become a competent roped climber. Once you are signed off by our instructor you can supervise up to 2 children or novice adults.