Roped Climbing

If you are fairly new to climbing and you wish to give roped climbing a go, you have a couple of options;

You can be supervised by a friend who is an experienced, competent climber themselves (and 18+) or you can book yourself onto one of our instructed sessions.

What is a competent climber?

This is someone who has been climbing for a while and can demonstrate to our desk staff that have the necessary skills and experience to safely use the roped walls.

Can I just go and use the auto-belays?

Because all of our auto-belays are located in a busy lead wall there are still many hazards you might encounter. You will still need a level of experience in order to keep yourself (and others) safe in that environment.

Ok it sounds like I need to be with an instructor. What can I book?

Taster sessions are a great way of having a go on lots of what we have to offer at the centre. These cost £17 per person and last for 60 minutes. These are available during holidays and weekends.


Beginners sessions are a great way to learn the ropes and build on any experience you might already have. Expect to need around 3-4 sessions to get up to speed and to get signed off to be able to use the roped areas unsupervised. Once you are signed off, you can supervise up to 2 novices or children in these areas.


Private sessions are the perfect way for your group or family to learn some skills, either as a one off or as a series of sessions and can be tailored exactly to your requirements. To discuss further, please call the Centre.