Physio @ Kendal Wall

Andy McVittie

Now available at Kendal Wall in the small meeting room Thursdays 6.00 – 9.00pm.

I have been climbing for well over 20 years and coaching for the last 12. As well as climbing in all its forms I have a background in fell running, ultras and road biking. I understand how injuries can have a disproportionate effect on those who enjoy the outdoors. They can be very debilitating, mentally, socially and physically.

As a climber, climbing coach and HCPC registered physiotherapist I am ideally placed to provide clarity and direction to your return to climbing and outdoor sports. I will listen to you to identify your symptoms and work with you to treat their cause; whilst taking into account your personal situation and goals.

Please visit the website to see how I work. Education, empowerment and clarity are what I aim for. I’m much more likely to adapt an activity than tell you to stop it and monitor your progress on-line than bring you back for expensive, inconvenient appointments.

book online –

or contact me on 07544147558 or [email protected]