Entry Prices: Experienced Climbers

Prices for experienced adult climbers and children or novices they are supervising.

What is an experienced climber?

All users are subject to our Conditions of Use so please do read to ensure you understand the registration requirements and whether or not you need instruction. NB: You may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to our reception  staff.


BOOK TO CLIMB. During the COVID-19 situation, we will have limited capacity at the Centre. Experienced climbers may wish to book a time slot to climb.


INSTRUCTION. If you think you will need an instructor check out options here or give us a call to discuss your options.

All participants also need to be registered with us. Pre-register here.

Single User Entry All Times
Adult £12.00
Junior 9 – 17 yrs £10.00
Junior 8 yrs and under £7.00
Infants 3 years and under £2.00
Concession* £10.00
Supervisor Fee £3.00
Punch Cards 
Adult 10 Punch Entries £90.00
Junior (9-17 yrs) 10 Punch Entries £70.00
Concession 10 Punch Entries £70.00
Membership Prices
1 Month  £70.00
12 Months £500.00
Monthly-payment scheme £50.00**
Monthly-payment scheme

Juniors & Concessions

Equipment Hire
Shoes £3.50
Harness £3.00
Belay Device £2.00

*concessions are available to unemployed, senior citizens (over 65’s) and students in full time education (18+). Proof of eligibility must be shown. Students – please bring a letter of acceptance for your full time course, Uni Days or other official evidence of status with expiry date.

**Membership by Direct Debit: One off £20.00 fee to join scheme, 3 month ‘Freeze’ option available.

***Punches Last for 2 years.

Groups bringing their own qualified, insured instructors are charged differently to the Standard Entry prices, for more detail see here.