Standard Entry

Revised 15/01/18

A guide to our prices for standard entry to Kendal Wall is shown below.

All users are subject to our Conditions of Use so please do read that first to ensure you understand the registration requirements and whether or not you need instruction.

Follow links in the Prices Menu for details of all our instructed and supervised session prices.

Single User Entry All Times
Adult £11.60
Junior 9 – 17 yrs £9.90
Junior 8 yrs and under £6.30
Infants 3 years and under £1.00
Concession* £9.90
 Student Mondays only*  £7.00
Regular User Discount Card   
Adult £15.00
Junior 9 – 17 yrs £10.00
Concession* £10.00
Regular User Entry
Adult £9.70
Junior 9 – 17 yrs £7.00
Concession* £7.00
Punch Cards (Regular Users Only)
Adult 10 Entrances £83.00
Junior 9 – 17 yrs 10 Entrances £63.00
Concession 10 Entrances* £63.00
1 hour daytime (Mon-Fri)** 10 Entrances £42.00
 5 punch cards also available
Membership Card Prices
1 Month  £68.00
6 Months £325.00
12 Months £495.00
monthly-pay membership also available £40.00***

*concessions are available to unemployed, senior citizens (over 65’s) and students in full time education. Proof of eligibility must be shown. Student Monday Entry is available only on Mondays and only for full time students!  Students – please bring a letter of acceptance for your full time course or other official evidence of status and student ID with a date on it for each visit.

** Daytime (Monday to Friday) 1 hour card for use between 10am and 5pm.

***Membership by Standing order: One off £60.00 fee to join scheme, 3 month ‘Freeze’ option available.

To see our full range of indoor instructed and supervised sessions for all ages and abilities please click Instruction Overview or follow links in the Prices menu.

Groups bringing their own qualified, insured instructors are charged differently to the Standard Entry prices, for more detail see Schools and Groups