Wednesday After-School Clubs

Climbing is a fun, exciting, sociable and adventurous activity. Come down with your friends or make new ones in your sessions!

Boulderama – Afterschool 

These are an excellent way to get involved in the world of bouldering. Our low ratios and qualified staff ensure a rapid introduction to climbing in a controlled environment. These sessions offer both an introduction to bouldering and an opportunity to develop movement skills and climbing techniques. These are available as Junior (aged 8-11) and Senior (aged 12-17) Boulderama.

If you are aged 14-17 years and want to get signed off so you can boulder unsupervised? Join the Senior Boulderama Afterschool Club and talk to your instructor about getting signed off.

Ropes -Afterschool 

Our afterschool rope climbing club has returned! We are happy to announce the release of our new and improved climbing club for aspirant climbers of secondary school age. The focus of this session is to develop the skills needed to rope climb whilst having fun and making friends. This session is open to climbers aged 11+ and suitable for new climbers and seasoned youngsters alike.

Spaces are limited so book your session now!