Regular Kids Sessions

The Lakeland Climbing Centre provides a comprehensive choice of climbing sessions and clubs for juniors.

Overview of Instruction.

For youngsters just starting out (no prior climbing experience) there several different routes into the clubs:

Mini-Geckos (5-8 years) and Geckos One (7+ years) cater for younger climbers just starting out.

Geckos Two (8+ years) Geckos Three (12+) Young Climbers Club (14+) all develop skills further.

Taster Sessions (school holidays only, 8+ years) and Beginners Drop In Sessions (14+ year olds) are more appropriate starting points for older kids and teens.

The mid-week After School Clubs also cater for beginners, but must be booked in 6 week/half term blocks which may feel too committing if you are unsure about climbing.

The structure of the clubs allows young climbers to progress, and for young climbers with prior climbing experience the choice of appropriate starting club may be determined by a combination of age and experience.  We strongly recommend booking a ‘no prior experience’ session initially to allow the instructors to assess the most appropriate club for you, but do email us or call in to discuss with the club instructors if you have lots of climbing experience, or are currently on the NICAS scheme elsewhere.

As a Primary Awarding Centre for the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS), we can provide our young climbers with the opportunity to follow a structures and logged progression over 5 levels.  Once youngsters reach 14+ years old (and after a period of learning and consolidation) we can allow them to climb unsupervised, first as boulderers and later as roped climbers, following a rigorous assessment process in house.