Weekend Clubs

Mini Geckos

Fun Fun Fun for age 5 and upwards. No prior experience required.  Bookable online.

Our new entry level club for budding young climbers who are ready for ropes and bouldering skills. One hour of high octane climbing with minimal time spent learning technical rope skills.  We use the Climbing Den and the Chamber to keep all the kids entertained and engaged.  It’s not all fun and games however – subtly and stealthily our instructors attempt to instill some good ‘listening’ skills and safety awareness, as well as good fundamental movement skills, to set these potential rock stars on the right path for a lifetime of uninjured climbing fun!   Can be booked as a ‘have a go’ drop in or 4 weeks at a time (online only) to encourage progression.

Geckos 1

This is a fun climbing club for 7 to 10 year olds, introducing basic ropework skills. No prior experience required. Bookable online.

Ideal for younger children and first time climbers, Geckos 1 is a ‘have a go’ session and can also be booked 4 weeks at a time (online only) to encourage progression.  It has small group sizes (1:6) to facilitate fun, safe sessions and is also a starting point for level 1 and 2 NICAS.   The session teaches Fundamental movement skills for climbing, and basic ropework skills, from basic knot tying to supervised belaying.  Youngsters continue in this club until they have passed level 2 NICAS and can proudly describe themselves as ‘competent top-rope belayers’, whereupon they can move up to Geckos 2!

Geckos 2

Basic skills instruction for 8 – 14 year olds.  Previous climbing experience and assessment essential. Call to book.

This is the club where youngsters consolidate the climbing skills learned in Geckos 1. Rope work such as belaying and tying in are refreshed and perfected, and the instructors deliver more movement skills coaching through regular bouldering sessions. The club is most suitable for those who have already achieved level 2 NICAS, but older climbers (10+) with prior belaying experience may be considered for membership. Single sessions may be booked but we encourage monthly membership to ensure progressive learning.  NICAS levels 2 and 3 are covered, and a wider understanding of the world of climbing is encouraged through discussion of climbing films and the introduction of different equipment

Geckos 3

A more advanced session for 12 – 16 year olds.  Previous climbing experience and assessment essential. Call to book.

This session is aimed at those who have progressed from Geckos 2 or from the Beginners Drop In Sessions who are experienced and competent in the basic climbing and belaying skills and who wish to further develop their climbing (eg working towards NICAS level 4 – lead climbing).   We aim to teach and consolidate rope skills for top rope climbing and to introduce lead climbing concepts. Coaching good movement skills is an integral part of the session and will help to achieve more difficult climbing and allow progression through the climbing grades. Geckos 3 sessions may also be used for assessment for entry into Young Climbers Club where full indoor leading skills are taught.

 Young Climbers Club

This club is for 14 to 17 year old experienced climbers who are already skilled and proficient in basic ropework and bouldering safety. Call to book.

During this session the instructors focus on improving climbing standards and teaching more advanced techniques such as lead climbing (working towards level 4 NICAS and beyond).  As a guideline for pre-requirements, youngsters would be expected to have already achieved NICAS level 3 and be ready to take on the additional challenges and risks of lead climbing and belaying a lead climber.  Youngsters wishing to join this Club would be expected to undertake an informal assessment within the Geckos 3 club sessions (run at the same time each saturday).

The Young Climbers also undertake an ‘Unsupervised Bouldering’ assessment to allow them to stay in the Centre following the Club session each week to work on their bouldering and movement skills by themselves or with friends from the Club. A parent visit and full parental consent is required before this extra climbing is allowed.

We aim to encourage a responsible attitude towards safety and climbing development as these youngsters progress on to being able to climb fully independently of our instructors outside of Club sessions.

We also offer mid-week After School Clubs.