Latest COVID update

Please do not visit us if:

  • You are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms; or
  • You have been in contact with someone within the last 14 days who has subsequently contracted the virus.

From Monday 17th may you can now meet or climb with up to 6 others at our wall and our café is fully open. Please note, the following measures are still in place:

  • The wearing of masks in our Centres is mandatory in all areas unless you are actually climbing or seated in the café. This includes the circulation spaces, reception, changing areas, toilets etc.
  • Maintain the social distance of 2+meters.
  • Ventilation continues to be an important factor in the reduction of the spread of Covid. Please help staff to maintain ventilation throughout the building, by leaving windows and doors open. This may make the Centre a little more chilly from time to time so be sure to bring a jacket to pop on.
  • Sanitising or washing your hands regularly.
  • The Café is open, but we also have seating outside at the front available to use.
  • More COVID information HERE


Bookings for experienced climbers (and those they are supervising). Please note, our busy times are during poor weather, evenings, weekends and school holidays. It may not be necessary to book during the quieter midweek daytime.




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