Holiday family fun is here.

Looking for some family friendly fun activities this Holiday? We have a range of different options here at Kendal Wall for you to try.

Our most accessible session is our fantastic CrazyClimb, for anyone aged 5 and above. With 12 different climbing options including, on globes, drainpipes, pillars and in a chimney, there is a range of climbing challenges. After these climbing challenges you you can opt to try our SkyJump, step off the edge and plunge down a 12 metre shaft feeling the pure free-fall effect as the ground rushes to meet you!


On the other hand you could try a Taster session if you are aged 8 and above. These sessions are put on in the holidays, weekends and bank holidays and are a 90 minute introduction to roped climbing indoors.



Finally for families with older children or groups of adults you could consider our Skyline Via Ferrata.

View all our sessions here