Bringing your own instructors

Are you an outdoor centre or do you have a member of staff working for you who is a qualified to instruct climbing?

The nationally recognised awards for instructors include:

SPA (Single Pitch Award) and CWA (Climbing Wall Award)
MIA (Mountain Instructor Award)
MIC (Mountain Instructor Certificate)
BMG (British Mountain Guide)
We require that instructors hold the CWA as a minimum and can arrange courses for your staff if required.

Prior to or on your first visit to the Centre, you must register your school or organisation. We require the relevant certificates for the instructor plus evidence that the school / organisation has Public Liability Insurance (also known as Civil or Third Party Insurance) in place that covers climbing at an indoor wall. For LEA schools, a letter from the head teacher confirming this is generally sufficient.

Independently instructed groups are differently priced to the Standard Entry Fees, with an off peak and peak rate to keep entry affordable for groups during our quieter times whilst ensuring our full entry fee paying customers are not crowded out in the evenings and at weekends.  Please contact the Centre on 01539 721766 for current fees. Supervisors and instructors may be charged an entry fee of £2.60 but this is waived for ‘normal’ ratio instruction – call the Centre if more detail are required.

We can offer all the equipment you would need to hire, excluding leading ropes and quickdraws.

For school groups our Off-Peak times are extended for entry to the Centre on or before 4.30pm on weekdays.