Welcome to Kendal Wall Students of 2020-2021

Firstly, welcome if you are a new student in the area, or welcome back if you are a returning climber and read on for all the information you should need to get your climbing underway. As you can imagine we have had to make some changes to the way we operate in light of the ongoing Coronavirus situation, you can read more about our Covid safety measures here, and the main changes to expect below:


If you’ve not been to the Centre since the shutdown, it would be well worth a read below;

  1. Please don’t come to the Centre if you’re not well!
  2. Sanitise your hands on entry and regularly when climbing.
  3. Please wear face coverings in the reception and shop areas.
  4. Please bring your check in card with you. You will need it to check in and out. If you haven’t been issued with one, we can sort that out for you on your first visit.
  5. Arrive ‘Climb Ready’ to minimise number of people in the changing rooms and reduce the amount of clothing and bags in the Centre.
  6. Please use contactless pay. We don’t have any change in the till to give out.
  7. Capacity for each room is displayed at the entrance to that room. During busy times you may need to climb in a different area and come back later if capacity is exceeded.
  8. Limited capacity means we may ask you to leave after 2 hours. We will always ask visitors and those who have been here the longest to leave first.
  9. Please don’t bring spectators. Everyone in the building counts on our capacity so please don’t bring spectators with you. We may have to ask them to leave if we hit capacity.
  10. Remember to CHECK OUT when you leave. This helps us stay within our capacity and allows us to admit others to climb and avoids you getting caught up in any Track and Trace incident after you’ve left.

What to do next:

If you are already an experienced climber then you can register online here and check what constitutes an experienced climber here.

As there will now be a limit on the numbers we can accommodate, some people might like to book a time slot during busier times to guarantee entry to the wall. These bookable slots will cost £1 to reserve and give you 2 hours of climbing. We will only ask climbers to leave after their 2 hours has elapsed if we are running at or near capacity.

If it’s a rainy day, especially on weekends or evenings, we strongly advise booking. Check our capacity counter AND how many other people have booked for the coming hours. (This can be seen on the booking page.) When we reach capacity, we may not be able to let you in for a climb unless you have booked.

Bear in mind that £1 to book is probably less than your fuel to travel here!

New to climbing? (18+)

No problem, just watch our Bouldering Induction Video, complete a Registration Form, and you can go Bouldering. Alternatively if you have a friend who is a competent climber  they can sign you in and supervise you roped climbing.


We have some great deals for Students this year.

Student Deals on Pre-Paid Punches

Students* can climb any day for just £7 when you buy a 10 punch card. This is just £70 for 10 punches. Regular price would be £90 for 10 so quite a saving. There is no expiry date for punches, they will stay on your account until you use them.


Student Rate Monthly Membership

Climb as much as you like any time for just £40 a month. (plus a £20 one off start up fee). This is well worth taking up if you climb at the Centre more than 5 times a month.This also gives you the option to ‘freeze’ your membership for up to 3 months. Please ask at reception for more details, or just give us a call.


*Please remember you will need proof of full time student status, this can be an acceptance email from your university/college or alternatively a student card with your photo and a date on on it (NUS cards are not accepted).