Supervising Under 18’s

All under 18’s must be supervised either by a competent adult climber, or by an instructor.  View our full range of instructed sessions here.

NB: All participating under 18’s will need a consent form signed by a parent. This is available to complete online here.


Supervision by Competent Adult Climbers.

The adult who is supervising MUST be a competent climber themselves. (They may be asked to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to reception staff.) They will also need to be registered with us. The supervising adult needs to stay with the juniors at all times to ensure their safety. Competent adult climbers can supervise up to 2 juniors.


Bouldering only Supervisor

If the supervising adult is a Boulderer (but not a roped climber) there is an additional questionnaire ‘Bouldering Supervisor’ to complete to demonstrate understanding of how you might keep a junior safe in a bouldering environment and minimise risk of injury. Please note that completing this additional form can take a few minutes. NB: To supervise children in the roped area you will need to be a competent roped climber yourself.


Not a competent climber or boulderer?

If the adult wishing to supervise is not a climber themselves, you can book a ‘Bouldering Induction Plus‘. This is with an instructor who will guide you through what you need to safely supervise your child in the bouldering wall. These cost £20. Please call the Centre to book a suitable time. Please note this can take up to an hour including the paperwork and may not be possible during busy times, without booking. On successful completion, you will be recorded on our system as a Bouldering Supervisor and be able to supervise up to 2 children in the bouldering areas. (To supervise children in the roped areas, you will need more comprehensive instruction, such as completing a Beginners Course.


Need an Instructed Session?

If you don’t feel you have the skills to supervise your child yourself, (or perhaps you’d just like to relax and have a coffee while we take the kids climbing!) you may like to consider one of our Instructed Sessions

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your options. We are only too happy to help.