Environmental Policy

The Lakeland Climbing Centre is committed to protecting the environment and reducing the impact the business has on it.

Kendal Wall

Staff are encouraged to walk or cycle to work. Staff can take part in the “Ride to Work” scheme.

Wherever possible we will recycle/reuse and reduce all disposable items, including: plastics, glass, cans, paper and card.

Where possible we will limit the use of non-recyclable goods and endeavour to re-use or dispose of them responsibly, for example toner cartridges and batteries.

We will commit to educating and encouraging customers and colleagues to follow this policy.

We will encourage customers to reduce their waste through education and incentivisation, including:
·    Customer controlled heat, light and ventillation in less frequented areas.
·    Provision of bottle filling sink to encourage use of refillable water bottles.
·    Reduction for using own cups for hot beverages for take out.
·    Insulating “Belay” jackets available for free hire to reduce our energy usage.

Products will where possible be sourced locally.

Products will be researched thoroughly to ensure the most environmentally friendly items are used.

The Shareholders and Managers are committed to long term sustainability of the business and will favour longer term investment in build processes, energy saving appliances and systems over short term profitability.

Signage will be displayed in prominent places along with this policy.