Under 18’s

There are several ways under 18’s can climb at Kendal Wall;


Kids Clubs

The quickest and easiest way for Juniors to go climbing is to book onto one of our instructed sessions.

Fun sessions suitable for 8 years and up, suitable for bubbled friends, families etc  available weekends and holidays

Boulderama After School Club or Regular Kids Clubs available Wednesdays and Saturdays



Under 18 Supervised Climber

Juniors can also use the Centre if directly supervised by a competent adult climber.


14-17 Unsupervised Climber

For experienced juniors who wish to climb without supervision.

Juniors aged 14 – 17 may use the Centres unsupervised if they have lots of climbing experience. If you don’t have much experience why not join one of our kids clubs such as Boulderama After School Club or one of our Regular Kids Clubs