Skyline – Indoor Via-Ferrata


Via ferrata is the Italian translation for ‘Iron Way’. The essence of a modern Via Ferrata uses steel cable that follows a climbing route so that adventurers can secure themselves to the cables enabling them to access remote mountainous terrain and otherwise difficult to reach peaks all around the world.


The Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure at the Lakeland Climbing Centre is the first indoor Via Ferrata in Europe, bringing this adventurous activity indoors for those willing participants who want a thrilling and exciting experience or for those practicing before the real thing.

Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure is modelled on a traditional Via Ferrata from the Italian Dolomites. You will ascend steep ladders, squeeze through tight tunnels, swing from wall to wall and boldly leap or tiptoe over scarily high wooden planks and platforms.  Finally you will encounter the ultimate thrill seekers desire, the SkyJump Extreme: an 18 metre descent with the option of 6 metres of free fall!

You will be instructed by a Skyline Leader, a highly trained and qualified person who will impart you with the skills and knowledge to use the equipment needed to ascend and teach you how best to look out for one another on your challenging journey!


Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure offers two journeys:

The Launch – aimed at younger participants age 8 years and over.

The Skyline – for participants age 11 years and over.

The Launch

Is a great starting point to learn all the skills needed for this aerial adventure.  It is perfect for younger ones aged 8 years and over. Children aged 8 – 10 years must have a participating adult to help them along the route.  Each adult can accompany 2 children on the Launch.

Duration: 45 – 60 minutes.

Max group size: 8.


Skyline is the full journey that starts in The Launch course and takes you through the “Squeeze Press” tunnel, up the “Lofty Ladders” through the “Sky View Window”, swings across the walls on the “King Swing” and for the ultimate thrill-seekers finale: “SkyJump Extreme” a rapid 20 metre descent with 6 metres of free fall (optional).

Open to participants aged 11 and over.  Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a participating adult.  Each adult can accompany 2 children on the Skyline.

Duration 60 – 90 minutes depending on ability and confidence.

Max group size: 6.

All the equipment is provided! But please wear well fitting trainers, nothing that can fall off making things even more challenging! Or that could give someone a bump on the head! Please do not wear jewellery.

Skyline is physically challenging, goes to dizzy heights and squeezes through tight caves, it requires willing participants who will take responsibility for themselves and look out for the others in the group to ensure safe ascent.

It is a perfect activity for thrill seekers, families, organised groups, schools, colleges and Universities and anyone who fancies a go.



Bumps, Bruises, Cuts, Grazes, Sprains and Strains are possible if the utmost care is not taken when climbing the Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure.  We cannot rule out more serious injury.

You will be trained by a Skyline Leader on how to best minimise the inherent risks of this adventure.  There are various challenges along the way and these can be very difficult to overcome.  You must choose this adventure “not because it is easy, but because it is hard”.



The Launch – £14 pp.

Skyline – £22 pp  or  exclusive group booking £110 (max. 6 people).

Full payment must be taken upon booking.

The Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure will be open at weekends and during English school holidays.


Our Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure is modelled on a traditional via ferrata from the Italian Dolomites. The Dolomites is one of the most popular locations in the world to ascend peaks and travel through the mountains following via ferrata. This is because there is a wealth of history due to the ongoing conflicts that arose in the alpine border regions. The Skyline Indoor Aerial Adventure at the Lakeland Climbing Centre features a historical account of the Austro-Hungarian and Italian conflict over land, which involved tunnelling and movement of troops. The troops would put up steep ladders, hammer in metal rungs, use the first ever cable cars and fixed ropes to aid themselves and equipment through difficult terrain. The aim was to get to high vantage points to gain advantage over the enemy. In other words lots of snipers, bombs and explosives, tunnelling, cold and exhausted soldiers with little food and slow progress! But don’t worry the Skyline at the Lakeland Climbing Centre is a training ground to give you an exciting experience of being able to move confidently through the challenges that mimic those like the soldiers faced.