What is a competent or experienced climber?

In order to stay safe and have an enjoyable climbing session at our centre we require customers to be, or to be supervised by an experienced competent climbers aged 18+.

To assess your competency, our reception staff may ask you to demonstrate how to put on a harness, tie into the rope using a suitable knot for climbing (not clip in) and safely set up and belay their climbing partner using appropriate belay equipment.

Please note it usually takes several instructed (or supervised sessions) to become competent.If your previous climbing experience is from our CrazyClimb (or another clip and climb type activity) or you have only tried roped climbing once or twice before, it is unlikely that you will yet have the skills to be able to climb safely yourself or to  supervise others. If you are in any doubt, please call the centre on 01539 721766

Please be aware if you are unable to demonstrate to the desk staff that you are competent to climb safely at our Centre, you may not be able to climb without supervision. We may suggest you book into an instructed session, or bring a friend to supervise, who is a competent climber. NB during busy times, there is unlikely to be an instructor available without prior booking.

Adults who wish to supervise juniors.

Adults please note, if your child is a competent climber (but under 18) they still need to be supervised by a competent adult climber. The onus is on the supervising adult to be competent, regardless of the skill or experience of the child who is climbing. We do sometimes have the option of competency sign offs for Juniors aged 14+ more info on Under 18’s climbing here. Call us to discuss and book.

Adults who wish to boulder only.

If you want to climb, but have little or no experience you can watch our bouldering induction video, register and go bouldering. Info here. If you have little or no experience of climbing, but want to supervise U18’s bouldering you will need to book a Bouldering Induction Plus. Call the centre for details and to book.

Need to book instruction instead? 

Book instructed sessions here.